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I had a great day yesterday. 15 of us went out in 2 zodiacs to the Churchill River estuary to look for whales. We weren’t out more than 2 minutes before we saw a few not too far away. We started towards them and before long we were surrounded by a pod of at least 40 belugas feeding. There were several young dark ones and lots of older white males and females. We hung out with them for almost an hour then we headed off to the Fort. As we were leaving 3 white males started following us. Apparently they like to swim right behind the boat in the bubbles from the propeller. It was neat to lean over and see these white masses just a few feet from the back of the boat.

I found out it’s hard to get a good picture of the belugas as they surface and sink pretty rapidly. If you look on the left you might be able to make out a white female and her grey calf. You can really only see their backs as they briefly break the surface.